Adding New MIBs

I’m attempting to get some extra information out of some Cisco 2955 switches that we are currently monitoring as Generic Switches. I got the MIBs off of the website, added them to the Prizm mibs directory, and added it to the miblist. Then I copied the generic 16 port switch xml template (as this is what the devices are being discovered as) and created a separate Cisco2955.xml file. I simply added an extra oid from one of the Cisco MIBs to the discovery portion of the xml expecting the next discovery to map to the Cisco 2955, but it remained a Generic 16 port switch. Is there something simple that I’m missing? Originally the mib files weren’t loading properly (from the system log), but I’ve resolved that I think. I just can’t get those devices to be discovered as a Cisco switch. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help!! I’m very new to the SNMP/MIB scene.

Is your new Device Template appearing as a separate item in the Device Type List when you are defining a Filter?

You should also modify the Device Type ID, and Device Type Name in the device template to make it unique.