Addressing 101 help for Canopy Network

I am so glad to see this forum up and running!

I have a couple of basic questions about setting up our addressing for our Canopy network. Right now, we are using default IPs for all of our SM and APs.

Could anyone give me some advice on where to start with setting up IP addresses for our AP and SM’s? We are using another ISP’s backbone as our link to the internet. They currently provide all their customers with static IP’s, so we would like to stick with that configuration when hooking up customer’s SM’s.

If we can’t give each customer a static IP, can we address each SM and AP in such a way as to monitor each one (for example, with BAM)?

I guess I just need to know what first steps we need to take to get all of our AP and SM’s off of our default IP’s… I know we can’t continue to use these!

Thanks, everyone!



All of our Canopy infrastructure which consists of 6 AP’s, a pair of backhauls, CMM, and all our SM’s are on Net-192 addresses. I started our first AP at and went up from there. Since these devices are simply Layer-2 switches, you really can not do too much with them in terms of routing.

The IP of the module and the IP that the customer gets are completely different. Keep all your infrastructure on a private addressing scheme, as the IP address is only used to get to the configuration page of the module.

Say you have a switch or hub with one and one SM connected to the hub, where the SM is talking to an AP, you will be able to get to all the modules on the network, assuming that your computer is on the same IP network as the canopy modules. SM’s default to wire-line access only, meaning the only way to get to them is to be on the same physical network, or to access them through selecting their LUIDs through the AP’s. You couldn’t point your web browser to and get to an SM with that option set, you would have to go through the AP’s LUIDs.

Hope this helps…