adjacent POP channel spacing - 900mhz

SO we have 2 lime 900mhz sites and we are just tickled pink with them, one is a water tower with a MTI monster omni, and one is a NW,SW,NE,SE 4 intgrated AP site, both performing like champs.

We have decided that we will be deploying these omnis at our existing 2.4fhss alvarion sites and converting customers, we will change to integrated clusters as growth requires. The problem is we have POPs pretty much every 10-15 miles and want to avoid too much self interference.

Whats the best course of action in these cases, we are seeing solid 10 mile coverage so far, so Im assuming we dont want to over saturate by plcing the 900 at every existing POP, does anybody have some advice to plan channels so we dont interfere and also so we cn plan for eventual cluster deployment?

i think im misunderstanding the manual because it looks like its saying to place APs on the same channel when they face one another (they will probably be 20-25 miles apart) that cant be right, can it?

also, say I have two sites directly east/west of one another 25 miles apart. which of the three setups is best (remember we are only using 4 AP clusters rather than 6) A. site1-NSEW,site2-NSEW B. site1-NE/SE/NW/SW site2 -NE/SE/NW/SW or C.site1-NE/SE/NW/SW, site2-NSEW?

Im just waiting to see what happens to my links when the trees come in, if this stuff still performs, its like getting nothing but candy on christmas, not a single sock in the mix.

At those kind of distances between your POPs you can probably have a little more freedom in how you coordinate channels, however it is always best practice to use the same frequency on front to front, back to back facing APs. Somebody with a little more RF background can probably explain why, but I’m just clarifying that you read the manual right and that is how they are supposed to be deployed.

Most of our 900 POPs are about 15 miles apart but I have a few locations where I am within 6 or 7 and have no issues. A properly sync’d system should be able to handle it. If we were talking spacing of about 3 miles and you’re not in a heavily forested area then it would be a different story.

In any event, one of the biggest benefits of GPS sync is that ability of frequency reuse it gives us.

we are using syncpipe parasitics at the omni sites and will go to cmm for the cluster.

I would like it if somebody could explain the face to face rf issue more.