Adjustable Spectrum Analysis Timeout

For the purpose of testing a new location, it would be really useful if one could set the Spec Analyzer and leave it for several days to come back and see what the peaks are.
A simple variable for the number of minutes (0 meaning until I stop it) would be excellent.
It would also be a good thing if the Spec Analyzer had the ability to do a test for x minutes and then either display the results (e.g. have a “results of last SA” button on the SA screen) or email the results when the SA is timed out and the BH/SM reconnects to the network, although this is likely much more difficult.
Perhaps the SA values could be made available in SNMP (last/peak readings for each freq). An extension to Prizm could then be added that would wakeup a scheduled times, do an SA for a certain time, then get the results from the MIB and record this information for that unit.
Anyway, I can see any of the above being terribly useful for new-site evaluation prior to going live, and that last option (using Prizm) would be great for evaluating noise at a given AP to diagnose problems at that site remotely.

I’ll throw in a me too here.

I think that implementing this outside the AP is the only viable option due to the constrints the embedded hardware, but an SNMP implementation would be ideal. It could be polled through the ethernet and logged for whatever display purposes. It would be wonderful to run it for a full week and be able to see the dynamic changes through each day, and then through the weekly cycle.

It should be fairly simple if it’s not already possible. If I get a chance I’ll double-check the mibs to see if there’s anything like that already exposed.