Adjusting the Power level on the SM

Guys, I think I have a situation were the signal is to hot and need to adjust the power level on the SM to lower the signal power level.

Our AP is located on a water tower, the customer is only 588ft. from the AP to the SM. The RSSI is 2291, -44 dBM, Jitter of 1. Running in 1X mode. The Transmitter Output Power on the SM is 26 dBm.

The SM randomly just drops the signal and reconnects. Sometime it does it once or twice. Sometimes it will do this for 5 to 10 minutes and then stablilize.

Dumb question; BUT. Do I lower or raise Output power setting to reduce the power level??? From 26 to ?

Appreciate your help.

Definitely lower.

What antennas are you using on the AP and the SM?


Thanks for the quick help. The AP is a Cyclone 900-360.7H AP. At the client side I have used a connectorize SM with a Maxrad 9db antenna and a Motorola Integrated 900SM. Both have had the same dropping of signal problem. I suspect because they are desensitizing them selves.

This is our first Water Tower Install, so I am l getting an education in signal issues and reflection off the tower. If anyone has recommendations, I’m all ears.

Thanks again.