ADV SM vs Classic SM

Is it everyones understanding that the ONLY difference between the classic SM and and ADV SM is that MOTO throttles the ethernet port on the SM itself.

Have you notcied that on a classic SM the Maximum Aggregate Rate
Uplink+Downlink < = 7000 kbps. On an advantage it is Maximum Aggregate Rate Uplink+Downlink < = 40000 kbps. If the ADV SM was “double” the throughput why wouldnt this be 14000kbps?

We received information that there is no difference between the Classic P9 SM’s and the advantage SM circuit boards. The only difference is that the Ethernet port is throttled.

Is my understanding correct?

Not sure what you mean by the ethernet port is throttled. We have P8 SM’s that we are throttling the bandwidth at the SM and it works fine.

Still can’t figure out the 14000 vs 40000 - it’s a mystery to me too.


Look on a 5.2 NON Advantage SM Configuration Page. The Maximum Aggregate Rate Uplink+Downlink < = 7000 kbps Is stated where you program the speed of the radio on the right hand side.

On the 5.2 ADVANTAGE is states 40000. If it has the Maximum Aggregate Rate Uplink+Downlink < = 14000 kbps, why is it set to 40000 kbps?

We contact a higher up in Motorola, not Tech Support to ask questions. He stated that they “throttle up and down” the ethernet port. That is the ONLY Difference between a P9 Non-advantage and a P9 advantage SM. Not the Board on the inside. It is all software.

I have no idea why it says 40000.

You can order Advantage software license upgrades for P9 non-Advantage to turn them into Advantage. It was my assumption that there was no hardware difference between the P9 non-Advantage and the P9 Advantage.

I still don’t understand how the throttling differs from one to another unless the bandwidth control was previously done in the software, and now it is done at hardware level (Etherent Port). That would explain the difference.

Good questions. I understood that in order to get the higher bandwidth you needed an Advantage SM. Here in our office we have a non-ADV SM connected to an Advantage AP on hardware scheduler and we get a little over 6 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload. We installed and Advantage SM and still as fast. My AP is set to 50% and the link test shows that I should get 7 Mbps download and 5 upload

you are getting this speed because of the burst.

Classic SM will burst to 7mbits.
Adv SM will have a substained 7mbits.