Advantage AP & Lite SMs

Is there anything special one needs to setup in an Advantage AP in order to have an SM Lite connect ot it?

I’ve got 25 brand new SM Lites that don’t want to connect to my AP.

Any help would be welcome.

is the AP running 7.3.6? APs need to be running the same or newer software than the SM. the scheduling also needs to match.

Scheduling is both “Software” but it appears that my vendor let me down!

The AP’s firmware seems to be 7.2.9 and not 7.3.6 So I guess I’ll try and find the new stuff and flash the AP.<frown>

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You would think that when I ordered the starter kit AND 25 SM-Lites at the same time, he would have insured that the dammed AP would have the appropriate F/W.
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Thanks again. -JR

it should works in hardware scheduling.

I tried hardware scheduling in both the AP and SM-Lite. Still no registration. The SM just scans forever.

I suspect I need to upgrade the AP to 7.3.6, but the darnd thing just won’t upgrade.<frown>