Advantage/nonAdvantage AP mixed cluster problem

Our AP Canopy 5.7 GHz Cluster had been working properly before. To get
higher throughput we replaced some of the old AP’s with Advantage AP’s.
Everything works OK when using SW scheduling but after we switch the
Advantage AP’s to HW scheduling, we have interference problem.
Subscriber Modules connected to both old AP’s and Advantage AP’s keep
Advantage AP’s have downlink index settings adjusted to have everything
synchronized - Uplink Rcv SQ Start value is within 300. All AP’s have
Transmit Frame Spreading Enabled, AP Background BER Mode set to No BER
Does anyone have experience with such problems? What could be the cause
of this?

There is a re-reg issue when using HWS which is being worked on. At this time you should stay at software scheduling if you are having problems with hardware scheduling.

To better document the issue we ask that you call technical support if you are having issues with 7.0.7 re-registration. Please provide your name, company name, band (i.e. 900, 5.2, 5.7, and 2.4) and the number of users having problems.

We have posted an article on the knowledgebase regarding this issue. … d=298&c=18

You can either email or phone your information into support.