Advantage Plataform Performance

Hi guys,

I have 5 Advantage AP’s sinchronized by a CMM and all of them are reaching a maximun throughput of about 7 - 7.5 MBPS.

Once they reach this traffic we sart to get very high ping time to all SM’s (200-300 ms) and a very high ping time to the AP itself (20 - 30 ms)

We have about 50 - 60 SM’s registered on each AP. Since we are an ISP most of our traffic is HTTP traffic, some voip and videconferencig.
All of these AP’s were initially standard AP’s and were upgraded to Advantage thru a licence.

Any ideas, suggestions???


What is your BW utilization up and down on those AP’s?

Can you change to a different DL%? How about implementing bursting?

What does the BH utilization look like?

Are you getting alot of P2P and Multicast traffic?

Which software version, which frequency? How many pps?

The upgrade can’t be a problem because all the Motorola boards are the same.