Advantage Upgrade / License install

Hi there,

Does anyone know to install the license, in order to upgrade a standard AP ti Advantage?
I just bought 5 of those licences and I can’t find any instructions on how to do it.
I just wroto MOTO Tech Support, but no answear yet.


yes… you need to go to a website and use that long alphanumeric ID they gave you to register an account.

Once you do that and login, you can activate each license by giving it the MAC address of the AP you want to upgrade

Go to the following portal and then use your Entitlement ID to register

Licensing Portal :

I already did it, and validated one of the licenses, and got a email back from Motorola.

But I haveno idea how to upload the Advantage license to the AP’s


They should return a link back to you like: … index.html

all you do is put that link into your explorer and this will upgrade the AP, reboot it, and voila…

Just did it and it works great.
I just upgraded 5 AP’s to Advantage.

thanks a bunch guys!!!

did tech ever get back to you… i mailed them and never got a reply

Yes they did; the answear wasn´t all that great, but they did contacted me.


did tech ever get back to you.. i mailed them and never got a reply

I emailed them twice on an issue and I subject'ed the second as "2nd request" yet no response. I normally like to email, 'cause I usually don't have the time to wait through "the heavy call volumes" that I always seem to get when contacting a tech-support outfit.

I blocked a couple of hours to make the call and got GREAT response (live person, 2nd ring)--twice. While they were unable to "solve" my issue, they were able to enlighten me through systematic troubleshooting techniques. I am begining to actually understand the "canopy" stuff.....

I am begining to actually understand the "canopy" stuff.....

It's a good feeling, isn't it :wink:

i’ll let you know when i get it there :slight_smile: