Advice needed for new growth and Frequency Choice

We have 11 towers, all having 3 900MHz APs (connectorized with 120 degree MTI antennas), and 5.2 and/or 5.7 backhaulls, depending on the distance between towers.

Our APs are getting full (I think full is 30 to 35 customers per AP on 900 MHz) and I’m looking to move into a different Feq. Band.

We’re in Kentucky and the terrain has moderate tree canopy and hills. Most customers are inside of three miles from their tower and none are beyond 6 miles. We have several customers with LOS.

I really don’t want more 900 MHz as I want to offer faster speeds and the 900 MHz spectrum here, although is not bad, isn’t ideal already. Big surprise right?

Spectrum Analysis aside, what are the good and bads of the other bands. On 2.4, which is probably what I’m considering the most, do you use connectorized APs or the standard 60 degree Factory APs? I saw some connectorized APs on Last Mile Gear which made me curious.

Any advice on both the Tower equipment and the Subscriber equipment would be GREATLY appreciated!

One last note, what is the best way to see the amount of bandwith usage a a given point, say, a Backhaul? We have a prizm server but are not using to for much more than bandwidth settings and authentication.

If you want to stay with canopy i would def go with 2.4 goes rediculous distances LOS with a reflector .I have also seen 2.4 on a dish go through some trees i would have though 900 would have struggled with. I would def. go with Connectorized because just like 900 theres only 3 non overlapping channels.

maybe wanna check out these panels :
as they have a decent amount of gain. and stock up on some 2.4 Stingers and dishes and you will be set.

We run 2.4 off Last Mile Gear Cyclones, they are worth the investment over a standard AP. And at 2.4 you can adjust the size of the Cyclone sector from 90 to 180 degress. We have customers to 12-15 miles LOS that are solid.