After 6.1 upgrade the rereg counts go up over 1000.

After 6.1 upgrade the rereg counts go up over 1000 on 2 of our AP’s. The radios on this AP before showed very low rereg counts, but after the upgrade they show as many as 1000.

They other AP’s in this cluster did not have this problem. Does anyone know why this happened our how to fix the issue?

The radios dont really seem to be rereging it is like this is a false count.


Can you tell me if you have Transmit Frame Spreading enabled or disable? (If running Hardware Scheduler then switch back to Software Scheduler and disable Transmit Frame Spreading.)

One more thing…what band are you using?

Based upon my results (see posting about high 900MHz registrations), I would bet that transmit frame spreading WAS enabled when hardware scheduling was enabled. I went back to software scheduling and disabled transmit frame spreading and my 900MHz registration counts have dropped dramatically. I shall reintroduce hardware scheduling during the next window.

This fixed my issue. I went back to Software scheduling then made sure the transmit frame was off then turned hardware scheduling back on. So far it seemed to help.




Support… why if you can not use the transmit frame in hardware scheduling, then when you switch to hardware it seems it would be good for the radio to automatically disable it.


The next software release will allow for hardware scheduler to support Transmit Frame Spreading so this will no longer be an issue.