After Defaulting PMP320 unit, I can not login as admin, only installer

I can only get in to the unit using the installer login and it will not let me login as the admin?  anyone know how to get around this?  I used the password that I had installed before reseting to default, and I used admin, motorola, cambium, password and a few others off the top of my head, but none of them work.  Anyone have a clue on what could be blocking me from getting in with everything being defaulted?

This is a 3630 APC model  3.65

Check your PM.  I think I sent you the solution but not public. (don't want it searchable and indexed forevermore)


I also seem to remember that only biting us on earlier firmware.  We've been running e2.3 on all 3630APs for quite some time now, what FW is on the AP in question?