After installing Cambium force 300 PTP link, the subscriber end is displaying Wireless down

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Please I need your help here, I set up a force 300 PTP link less than 5km apart with the signal strength of -52dbi but my challenge here is the subscriber side of the link is showing wireless down, transmitter output power off, frequency off, while the Access point wireless is up but the eAlign is not displaying signal strength levels.

Please I need your help on what to do.


Hi. There is not quite enough information to go on in your question. There could be quite a few things misconfigured which could make it unable to link.

We have quite a few Force 300 PTP links... some only a couple km, but some links up to 25 km - all working as expected, and working really well especially considering the cost of the gear.  The longer links are F300c with 2' or 3' antennas on them, but still working very well for us.

However, there are lots of incorrect possible settings to which could result in then not being able to link... and unfortunately, the eAlign won't be any help until you are at least linked.

What verson of the Firmware are you using? (I'd recommend the 4.5 release version) 
What mode are you using - TDD or ePTP? (If you're using 4.5, I'd recommend ePTP mode)
What power output settings are you using? In ePTP mode, you need to manually specify power output.
Are you using DFS Channels?
On the SM/SLAVE, do you have all the channels 'checkmark' so that it's scanning as expected?

Can you post screen shots of your AP/SM Config -> Radio screens from both sides?  That will at least give us a starting point.


I have forwarded this to the support and product teams

to add to ninedd:

I assume since you said the SM signal was -52 that you can see in the monitor->wireless tab the AP, did you change the wireless password on the AP? it must be 8 characters long and IS case sensitive and must match on the SM. This is found under Configuration->Security and is the WPA2 pre-shared key, click the eye on the right of the box to see the current password. See attached picture.

Dont use open unless you want trouble and Radius is for networks that have radius authentication running already. WPA is for this good enough, you can always move to radius if you need to once the link is working.

Make sure you know what the AP wireless password is first, copy and paste to a notepad, save to a txt file. then go to the SM and in the monitor->wireless tab, add the AP to the prefered AP list, copy and paste your AP password from the notepad. Save and it should link within 1 minute.

Hello, I have the same problem with a force 300-25 in TDD-PTP mode.

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Hi Luigi, everyone is going to have the same questions, and difficult to help without a ton more info. Basically ALL the config and monitor screens on the AP and SM would probably be needed in order for us to make useful suggestions. :pray:

Q) did you config and get them to link on the bench? What configuration (channel with, frequency, etc) did you pick, and how far is the link physically? :+1:

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