After update 4.2 not corrected Ethernet speed in dashboard

After update to 4.2.5 many AP and Sm

Please see attachment

Hi Madmax123.  We passed your email address off to one of our developers who will be reaching out to you.  We included a capture of what a 4.1 screeenshot looks like as well as the one you posted.  Here is what I see for 4.1.

We have been able to reproduce the issue and are currently working on a fix.  When it is available it will be distributed from our support site as a hotfix patch over WM 4.2.

We not tested version 4.1. We installed version 4.2.

Thanks developers contacted us

Please say when you plan to release a hotfix patch over WM 4.2


I just received an update from developmnet.  They expect to wrap up testing on Monday (24th) as they had to add in a few additional patches.  I hope to see the fix early next week.


Now end next week - i not see patch

else start week -i not see patch


Today i instaled hotfix 1 - no problem not resolved

Sorry Today i instaled hotfix 1 - but problem not resolved