Again VLAN

we have just upgraded canopy to v6.1.we want to keep some customers in vlan1 and one of our customer in vlan2.following is the details of the benchtop test we conducted.

a 5.2 GHz canopy AP (version 6.1) is connected to port 5 of cisco2900 switch.port 5 is the member of vlan 2 created in cisco switch.we have also created vlan1 and vlan2 in canopy AP keeping management vid as 1.

A cisco router is connected to port 9 of cisco2900.port 9 is a member of vlan 1 with trunking enabled .in the cisco router connected to the same switch we have created 2 subinterfaces in ethernet interface keeping eth0/0.1 in vlan 1 and eth0/0.2 in vlan2.native vlan is vlan 1.ip address assigned to vlan1 is and for vlan2 it is

A canopy SM is connected to a PC with ip address SM has vlan management id as 2.we can ping to from PC( when trunk is not enabled on the switch port the AP is connected to(port5).when we enabled trunk on port 5 we are not able to ping.It means that when PCs(as well as SMs) with different vlans is connected to AP we are not able to ping to respective vlans ip on cisco router.

the encapsulation used for both router and switch is dot1q.

Can anybody have any idea how can we use different vlans for different customers?

thanks in advance