Aiming connectorized 30Mbps OFDM

We’re about to aim a connectorized dual polarized antenna ofdm. Does it matter which way I have the antenna mounted or is it just to make sure that they are mounted the same on boths ends? When I say which way should it be mounted I mean orientation of the antenna, I assume it depends how you have the element installed on the dish. I’m not an expert on the polarization of the antenna and want to make sure it’s right.

Yes it matters.

The connectorized radio has two N-type connectors, one horizontal and one vertical. If you are only using one antenna with one poll then make sure you use the right orintation with the right connector on the radio. (so Horizontal to Horizontal and Vertical to Vertical…both ends must match)

If you arent using both the N-type connectors then make sure you use a 50 Ohm terminator on the open port for both radios.

When aiming look at the “Signal Strenght Ratio”. This value will help you understand if you need to adjust horizontally or vertically. If the value is above +3 then adjust horizontally as its weaker than the vertical signal. If the value is less than -3 then adjust the vertical.

As always have installers on both ends talking to each other and making adjustments. I’ve talked to many guys trying to aim BH’s by themselves.

What is the recommended dish antenna for using this connectorized 30mbps bh (vertical and horizontal)?

Could I use 24dbi hyperlink or what ever brand is?
Is solid dish is better than semi parabolic grid?

Download the link estimator tool on the software updates page. Their are all sorts of antennas you can choose from. The tool will tell you what the link will do with the antennas you choose.