air delay/link distance keeps changing.

So Ive had some links that had issues. The air delay link distance would also change alot.

If you are seeing that would it be indicative of multipath?

Severe multipath perhaps, but I would be more inclined to blame NLOS. Is the jitter way up or staying the same?

Have you noticed any issue with the overall link efficiency?

these are short less than 1/2 mile links, some less than 500 feet

Could you be more specific about what issues you are experiencing?

- freq
- # of affected sm’s
- s/w versions
- noise floor
- is the ap rf balanced
- have you rolled a truck to do an on-site eval?

iva asked about these before

same town, single AP

I think freq is 907, this issue was present prior to adding two other POPs in 10 mile proximity

about 5 sms ive watched


noise floor no ap above 90

rf balanced as best a guy can when theres SMs within 200 feet of the AP (avg -75 to -65)

there is all kinds of metal siding in this town, its thicker than normal, like there was a company who offered a deal, it may even be steel

i switched the only one that was an unmanageable problem over to an indoor unit

the rest are just something i notice and am curious what would cause it

The AP is currently only Self generated sync.


Yup… Thats some multipath for sure!

thats what i was figuring, but wasnt sure. in my mind its based on the same data canopy uses to guage air delay reflecting off other surfaces and making it to the sm later than normal, is this correct?