Airtime-Fairness i.e. 802.11ac / n Clients Performance Improvement in Presence of Legacy abg clients

                                  3.0 Beta Feature  


      Airtime-Fairness is Cambium Networks proprietary solution on access points (AP) to increase the throughput performance of 802.11n and 802.11ac clients (HT clients) in presence of legacy 802.11abg clients. AP allows co-existence of legacy 802.11abg clients along with 802.11n and 802.11ac HT clients. Legacy 802.11abg clients need more air time to access the data when compared to HT clients. Because of this HT clients will underperform, reducing the HT clients’ overall throughput.

With airtime-fairness feature enabled on AP’s radio,  AP will prioritize the traffic destined to HT clients against the legacy clients. This will ensure that HT clients get better throughput compared to legacy clients.

Note 1: Airtime Fairness works for downstream traffic only

For more details like configuration and etc please referr to the airtime-fairness document located in