Alarm not shown cloud 1.6.2.r11


For one client we are using cloud cnMaestro (1.6.2-r11) and there is AP (E600) that is offline. In alarm section we can see that  alarm is raised, but not seen on top right corner. Is this normal behaviour?



Hi AnzeZ,

No, this is not normal behavior.  The alarm header should properly represent the total Major alarm count.  Does this persist after reloading the browser window?

I also tried with diffrent browser and the problem still persist. Logging out and login in again doesn't help.

This is not an issue we've seen with our 1.6.3 testing.  Once 1.6.3 is deployed to the cloud please let us know if you're still seeing this.


Interesting fact: I just found out that another customer has the same problem. This time with ePMP series.

Problem is solved in latest Cloud version - Version 1.6.3-r13.


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