Alarms and thresholds to email


I have two question, it's possible send one alert to my email when cnMaestro have a device PMP offline?

Can We customize alarm or threshold like when a PMP 450 have the frame utilization at 99% send one alert to my email?

Thank you.

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Yes. You will be able to configure an email address to receive notifications when PMP device goes offline. But threshold based alarm generation is not in scope of upcoming release 2.0.0. It is part of roadmap and currently targeted as part of Q2-2019.



Thank you for your answer, so If I understand good I have to wait until 2.0.0 version for have notifications via email of offline devices and threshold until Q2-2019.

That is correct!

@FT, for examples of the upcoming email notification feature, check out the following URL for screenshots.

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We have release cnMaesto On-Premises 2.1.0 today with email notification support.

Please check the release notes 

The community announcement link is