Alarms in cnMaestro

After you acknowledge alarms in cnMaestro, how do you get rid of Inactive Alarms in cnMaestro?

Acknowledging alarms in cnMaestro is an internal mechanism to show other users that someone is investigating the alarm.  It does not clear the alarm or make it Inactive.

Alarms will automaticaly change to Inactive when the error state is resolved.  For example if a device failed an upgrade, successfully performing an upgrade later will clear the alarm.

After 10 minutes of being Inactive, alarms will move from the Alarms tab to the Alarms History tab.  This is so a user viewing the UI suddenly does not lose sight of an alarm when it clears.  Also, if the same alarm triggers again while the Inactive alarm is in the main view for 10 minutes, we will re-active the alarm instead of creating a new one.  This is because the root cause is not fixed if the alarm happens again so quickly and also prevents flooding the system with alarms.

We have 4 AP's that have Minor Alarms, all of which say the "GPS Software is out of date". 

If you look at the Software Upgrade page on each of the 4 AP's, all say "GPS FIrmware is Up-To-Date"

Also, two other AP's have alarms that say "DFS radar signal detected".   At one time, these radios had Firmware Version 3.XX in them, until we discovered the False DFS Detection Problem, which caused the alarms to show up. 

A month or two ago, we downgraded everything to Firmware Version to get rid of the false DFS Detection problem. 

None of the AP's have been transmitting on DFS channels for at least 30 days. 

In my opinion the above alarms should have automatically gone away long ago. 

There needs to be some way to clear the alarms from the screen.  If the alarms occur again, put them back on the screen. 

What GPS firmware version are those APs running?  We have an open issue CNSSNG-3275 to consider both AXN_1.51_2838 or AXN_3.20_8174 up to date versions.  Currently only AXN_1.51_2838 is considered up to date.

We've also recently found an issue where DFS alarms would not clear if the device is changed from a DFS to a non-DFS channel.  This is being tracked in CNSSNG-4016.

I will escalate the priority of both these issues.

All AP's showing the alarm have  GPS firmware AXN_3.20_8174, which show "Up To Date" on each AP's Software Update screen. 

As I mentioned before, we still highly recommend to have some way in the cnMaestro software to remove alarms. 

If a legimate alarm occurs again sometime in the future, let it show back up on the cnMaestro screen.

The way cnMaestro works now is totally dependent on all of the ePMP firmware and software working correctly, which as you know is not...... and probably won't work correctly for some time in the future.