Hi all,

I’ve been trying to align an AP and a SM (both advantage) but i just can’t do it.
The distance between them is about 4 km and there is LoS
The spectrum analyzer shows a signal around -60, -70 dBm but SM does not register anyway!!
In some moments SM showed the status syncing and registering but nothing beyond that

Does someone have an idea?

When I run into that, I check the interference around me using spectrum analyzer and find out what the noise floor is.

Make sure my color codes match up on the SM and AP.

What antenna are you using on the SM if it’s not integrated, and what is on the AP side antenna wise?

Another thing I do, is lock AP broadcast frequency into the SM by deselecting all the frequencies to scan for on the SM configuration page, so I’ll just have 1 frequency selected.

Sometimes, well quite rarely, I’ve had cordless phones really screw me around…so I’ve checked the location of install and unplugged any if they were found and that solved my issue. Again, rare case for me though.


Start by making sure the firmware is the same on both the AP and the SM. :roll:

#1 if you are using bam or prizm make sure the SM is added correctly and the AP is configured correctly

#2 check the Color code set to the AP, If you log into the SM and do an alighntment can you see the AP? if so is the freq and color code set up correctly on the SM?

#3 it shouldnt need the same firmware to register

at 4 KM you should be using a reflector.
are you?

Just curious. Is it 900, 2.4 or 5.# ? At 900Mhz 4km shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t have 2.4 or 5ghz stuff but I know the range is a great deal less than 900Mhz.

The default distance on the AP is set to 2 miles. Make sure you have the AP set to at least 3 miles for 4 kilometers.


Yes, i’m using reflector

Are you sure that the default distance is set to 2 miles? If it really is, where can i increase this distance?

Thanks in advance