Alignment Issues

I’m working on a 5.7 ap to sm shot from 3.5 miles away sm has a reflector on it and it has good line of sight. When aligning the sm i can never get a steady tone it is always a scanning tone. I check on the sm and it has a rssi of about 900 and a power level of -55 to -60db. The jitter goes up and down from 1 to 8. In the lower 5.7 range it works but in the lower 5.8 it doesn’t. Also on the ap side it reads the sm of having a rssi of 450 and jitter of 4 or 5 with a -79db power level. We are thinking that the AP is turned to far to one direction and the sm is getting connected on the edge of the spectrum of the AP. That would cause some of the frequencies to work and some not right? Has anyone had a problem like this before? The AP is about 150 feet on a tower and the sm is on a 60 foot pole mounted at the very top. I haven’t found any intereferring frequencies. So I’m thinking that is an alignment issue.