Alignment tones for CBRS

What would it take to get the tones to give installers an indicator of what’s going on CBRSwise?
I dont install much at all anymore, I’ve actually only heard 450 tones once.

Back in the fsk days though, I rarely needed to get on the radio til final programming since the tones did all the heavy lifting.

Why not have a beep count for cbrs statusm or something of that nature? I get calls from techs describing tones they’re hearing and the device is not yet authorized.

A beep count would be the bees knees. Basically tell the tech that till you hear the 4 beeps (or whatever) for an authorized cbrs state, dont call me. Or 2 beeps for granted state so the tech knows to light a smoke and wait for the heartbeat.

Ehhhh… assuming that the cnArcher App for mobile phones doesn’t already do this (and much much more)… I’d rather have them spend the dev time to bake this into said app.

If there was a way to have cnarcher just monitor, not set config at the beginning it would make cnarcher useful.
But, cnarcher requires a second piece of powered hardware and IP connectivit, tones dont.
I was disappointed to see that cnarcher doesnt work well in our environment