All 900Mhz AP/SM is advantage AP/SM?

I want to know whether all 900Mhz AP/SM is advantage AP/SM?thanks.
If not,can I upgrade it to advantage through 900Mhz firmware?

All 900 is advantage

I look article in other place,why they said “900Mhz AP with Release 7.0=advantage AP”? and MaxRate=6.6Mbps,NetRate=4Mbps,really?

Best I have seen with 900 is about 2.6 down x 700k up to the Internet. Some have been able to get a little more

My link at my house is 900 and gets:
Downlink RATE: 2656256 bps
Uplink RATE: 1044480 bps

I have achieved 3.4 Mbps down and 980 up , this is a new install at my house no one is coming off the AP but myself at the moment, again this is ideal situation, probably not typical, im half mile from the AP as well.


I want to know whether I can change the down and up rate?For example,I need rate down:500K for control or voice or software,up:2~3Mbps for multi video

You should download the Canopy Operators Manual.

It’s 450+ pages of all the information you need.