All CBRS Sessions Drop Nightly

We have encountered a situation in which some APs (between 3 and 10) drop all of the CBRS SMs links at the same time, once per night. It generally happens at 22:00 local.

Yes we have upgraded FW and sent engineering files.

It appears to be a result of the AP and the SMs loosing heartbeat with the SAS. It happens on PMP 450, 450i, and 450m. Not necessarily all the APs on a given tower either.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Upgrade one or more of the AP’s and their SM’s with R21.1 beta 4 that you’re having this issue with. Make sure that the time is correct on all AP’s and use an NTP server if you can. Watch the Ethernet ports on the AP for input errors and/or CRC’s, and that they’re negotiating properly. Monitor the latency to the mgmt IP for AP’s in question.

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