All Customers Disconnect When Adding MIR Profile, Individual Customers Disconnect When Changing MIR

When I add a MIR Profile to the AP, all customers dis-associate. This is concerning. I am running v3.5 with a very basic configuration. I think this should be fixed in a future release.

Further, when chancing the MIR for a customer, their individual SM dis-associates. I think this should also be improved. 

Thank you, Chris

Hi Chris,

It’s scheduler related parameter and Wireless driver restart is required to apply it.
I guess MIR profile usually is configured once after deployment and it isn’t frequently changed after that.
Of course it would be better to rework logic and make it applied without driver restart to avoid SMs disassociation.
Thank you for your feedback, we will take a look into this.

Thank you.


Thank you for your quick reply. You are right, MIR information is not often changed, but it would definitely be better not to disassociate SMs when it is changed.

Today was a relatively worst-case scenario for a small AP. A customer called to ask to upgrade to a higher speed... they were in the middle of a very large download and figured it was time. I added the MIR to the AP (It had not been requested in this area yet), and it disconnected all of the other customers, including cutting off a phone call (Through an R200), and stopping the customer's large download that had already been running for 2 hours, then stopped it again when the SM MIR was adjusted to the new profile. So a small effort to improve one customer resulted in several support emails.

It would be very useful to allow adding MIR Profiles or changing MIR Profiles on the AP without problem. If a customer needs to be disassociated during a customer change (upgrading or downgrading service), that is probably reasonable, but it would also be nice if this could be more seamless. 

It might be wise to program all speeds you offer into an AP before it's installed.