All Customers on AP are idle

We have several towers (27) and randomly we have an AP that states all customers are “idle”, to solve this we have to reboot. It is very random and I can count on my one hand how many times a year it happens, but has anyone see this and any thoughts on how to prevent? Software ver on the one that happened today is:CANOPY 8.2 AP-DES and its a P9.

A few questions:

- Are the average signal strengths pretty low or a mix or really good, etc
- Is the AP GPS synched? A timing loss on equipment can cause all of the radios to lose coherent connectivity back to the AP due to problems with nearby APs
- Is it possible there is interference coming from somewhere outside that could cause this?
- Do you use Prizm or BAM? Radios that are un-authenticated from the system drop into Idle on the AP and go into a scanning mode for 15 minutes
- Have you considered upgrading to a later firmware, for instance in the 9.0 train? 8.2 has some interesting issues

we used to see this as well when running 7.2.9 and 7.3.6 but less frequently with 8.x and i dont think at all since weve updated to 9.0