Allow configuration variables to be blank

How do you allow manual configuration variables to be left as blank if you do not want to enable them?

What is the configuration variable to enable or disable sip on port 1 as well as registration enabling?

Also, when the variables are in the user defined overridie list they don't display in order, is that because they are alphabetical?

You can specify a blank default value by using the format for a default value but not enter anything after the equals sign.  Ex:

    "parameterName": "${VARIABLE_NAME=}"

In the User-Defined Overrides section you can elect to use the default value by deleting whatever is currently in the text field.  There is currently a bug that prevents you from saving if the default value is blank.  I have escalated this issue in our bug tracker so it will be fixed sooner.  Un-setting the device value to use the default works if a non-blank default is used.

As a temporary work around you could use a space character if you are using cnPilot Home.  This would allow you to save without entering a device-specific value and an extra space shouldn't typically change the CLI script.

    "parameterName": "${VARIABLE_NAME= }" 

Is this for a cnPilot Home device?  The below Knowledge Base article lists a procedure for detemining what configuration fields to use regardless of device type.

We currently don't sort user-defined overrides at all but we also don't do anything to preserve the ordering for displaying them in the UI.