Allow for Loopback plug from the ground.

It would be nice to be able to loop the radio from the ground, sometimes, actually most of the time it is not feasible for time or finances to pay our tower climber to insert a plug 50 to 390 feet in the air, only to be able to find out we need to pay him again to go back and replace it.


thats easy, install a 6 pin wire in the ap, run it down to the wirecabnet and terminate all the wires to a female rj25, label and when you wanna reset, insert the fault pin in the correct female and enjoy

not easy, if you use CMM or sync cable, you need the 6pin plug for that cable

I had a basic design for a device that sat in the cup, robbed power from the AP like the syncpipe does and would short the pins up at the top, but there was an IP based controller at the bottom so you could remotely trip the unit, default it and as long as you could get to the subnet, you could do your business from the comfort of your couch over a VPN.

Never came to fruition, but if you want to complete it Ill send you the schematics, assuming theyre still on a backup hard drive. Its not all that complicated of a thing, the only thing I could not figure out and my drunken EE brother never sobered up long enough to help me with was initiating the control signal over the power.