Allow roles to overlap; need Operator + CPI without giving away Super Admin

When a user successfully logs into cnMaestro, our Radius server, in its reply to cnMaestro, includes a ‘Role’ attribute and cnMaestro then maps it to a matching role. Within our system, the role listed in the reply is governed by groups. We have groups that are mapped to the ‘Operator’ role, but also need CPI access.

We need to have some way to grant 2 roles, some way to overlap them OR better a matrix that the Operator group has access to specific functions and let us choose which parts of the system the role has access to. If we were to map our internal Operator group to ‘CPI’, all users in that group would no longer have access Operator functions. Let the 5 roles be a matrix and check boxes of what each role has access to.