Allow static routing from client ADSL router to SM network gateway

Hello everyone,

Execuse my modest english..

Our network is offering a new streaming service to customers (VoD Service), We are not an ISP. You can say we are a cable tv startup but through AIR.

Our main APs are (ePMP2000 + 120/90 sector) and customers use SMs (Force 180-200). Our customers already have routers connected to their ISP using pppoe adsl connection.

To keep costs as low as possible, we want to connect the SM directly to customers router through LAN, so they can surf the Internet through their ISP and watch content through our VoD network.. Customers barley convinced to pay for the SM, they are not ready to get another router..

The Network will look like this:

[VoD Server <--> DHCP Server <--> AP (ePMP2000)  -----> SM (Force 180-200)] <-----> [ADSL Router (PPPoE) --> PC or Mobile]

Our network (VOD network): - default gateway:

Customer ADSL Router network: - default gateway:

I have added a static route on the customer's ADSL router to our gateway ( and clients can successfully ping to the VoD server ( When they connect the router to the Internet through PPPoE, the client can't see the VoD server and the static route to our network is ignored. Maybe it's due to NATing made by the router when PPPoE connection established. BTW, the SM is in bridge mode..

We can't change the customer's router mode into (Bridge Mode) since the ISP is only supporting PPPoE using a username/password.

What's is the best solution to overcome this issue? We want to save cost by using the router to connect to the internet and route to our VoD network.

I have searched a lot but couldn't find a perfect solution. Some suggested using NATing and forward ports and others suggested DMZ but I didn't understand the point of doing that!!
I have tried to enable "DHCP server below SM" so the SM can get an IP from the customer's router DHCP server, but how it's going work along the DHCP server in our side?!!

Hope someone could guide me to a solution. I am fliexible to any solution that will work, whether in our side or on the customer side..