Allow template variables to be blank?

I have a template I use for the R200 with the option for VoIP. One example line is:


When I setup a customer without VoIP, I want to just leave the variable blank. Is this possible? Right now, cnMaestro warns me that the entry can not be empty, so I put some characters to allow it to complete.


To solve your use case, you can simply have a default value for your template variable while defining the template itself. When you don't configure VoIP for a customer, anyway you are not concerned what value is assiged to this variable. You can set up default value as below in your template:


In above, I have given NOT_CONFIGURED as an example, please feel free to set any string which makese sense for you. 



I see. To be clear, no, it is not possible to leave a variable blank, and it requires some text.

I think I will make separate templates for router configuration with voice and without voice.