Alpha Wireless AW3802-T2-H ePMP 3000 MU-MIMO Feedback

Has anyone deployed these and if so, be willing to share some feedback, particularly on the MU-MIMO vs the standard Cambium 4x4 sector?


Edit: Just checked it is the AW3894-T2-H we have.

Edit Edit : Woops I wasn’t paying attention. We have the AW3798-T2-H which I’m guessing is the older series of the one you have linked. I edited it but originally said we have the 3894 and was looking at the specs to see what the differences was and wow, I got worried there for a second since the 3894 is only 6Ghz!

We have deployed that or the AW3798-T2-H (I’m going to have to look and see which one we have) and I have more on the shelf waiting to be installed. I can’t speak to how well they work compared to the 3k sector as all Alpha’s so far have replaced 120° ePMP 2000 APs. We hope to get more deployed some day ( covid, supply chain issues, storms, contractors backed up 8+ months, new owners sitting on their hands) 4 of them will be replacing ePMP 3k Sectors and one of those 3Ks is 100% AC clients so I’ll get a better apples to apples comparison. Though because MU only really kicks in when the bandwidth starts loading up I don’t expect to see the same MU numbers on a Alpha with 50 subscribers split between two sectors vs 50 subscribers on a single 3K sector. I will do some testing but the main thing I want to know is if the 3Ks downlink beamforming works with these antennas.

The ones we have out right now have more N clients than AC clients but we do see MU… I really have no way of testing if it’s as much MU as it should be or not but it seems about right. MU hits about 50%+ of bandwidth when I Link test between 2 grouped clients.


Did you end up getting any of the AW3802’s ? Just curious what your opinion on them is if you did.

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Haven’t got one yet.

Might at some point for a colo to save money, watch this space…