altering cadence values, ring patterns and .cfg file attributes for R200

Hi,  are there parameters for:-

a/ changing the R200 dialtone so as to ineherit the the dialtone from a PBX - Asterisk.  e.g.  stutter dialtone to be presented when a message is waiting & revert the dialtone to 'standard' when the message is cleared. 

b/ changing the R200 ringtone for caller in  FXS1 & FXS2 - ie tone can be independantly set in .cfg file for each of them.  If yes, what is the .cfg parameter name so I can insert this into the template .cfg file.

c/ Is there a list/file somewhere of the .cfg parameters that can be used -  and/or does the template file in Maestro for the R200 contain all the parameters which are addressable.