Hi Guys,
I have a 5.2 AP cluster in the tallest building in town and it has been working great for about a year now.
Last week some guy placed 2 5.2 Alvarion AP’s and boosted up the power level on these app’s and ofcourse he is causing interference to my cluster.
I have tried to reach an understandong with these guys but I have most of my custs. with packet loss…any ideas on what to do…

Tell your buddy to get lost, because you were there first.

I wish I could…

Two ways to deal with this.

One is to start a fight - not productive for either of you.

The other is to help him gain something.

If he is using FHSS equipment, let him know that if he were to set the hopping sequence to skip the channel you are on and the next channel up and down he will have better performance overall as you will not be competing for the same spectrum.

If he is using fixed channel equipment, then you can turn your AP into an SM and look at the spectrum to find the quietest channels to set your AP to.

If he starts being an ass, then you can hope he is overpower and call the FCC but that should be the last resort.

To save you some time. Stop fighting and get assimilated.

We had an Alvarion setup at one location. Everything was working great. Then a competitor moved in with Canopy. Was a nightmare because canopy insists you use the whole band. Leaving nothing left for anyone else to use. Our only choice was to switch our ap and sm’s over to canopy and use a CMM to keep in sync with them. It also doesn’t help you that the canopy 900 puts out 10 watts of power by default.

Has any one had any experience conectorizing an AP?
Does conecting a 17 DB antena to a regular AP to gain more power sounds too crazy??
any comments will be greatly appreciated

Last Mile Gear does it. Looks like the just solder a connector on the board where the antenna points are.

Not sure if they cut the traces to the on board antenna.

Voids the warranty…

I am going to send an AP for conectorization, and try to use a 17 dbi gain antena. If this works I will be a very happy camper!!!
If any one comes up with a different idea, pls. let me know…I will try anythig!!!

I don’t think they can connectorize the 5.2 due to FCC limitations (in the same way that you are not supposed to use a reflector on the 5.2SM’s.)

I might be wrong.

So it sounds like your Alvarion guy isn’t going to play ball.

Do the FCC rules apply in Colombia?

No - FCC only governs the US