Am I the only one lost on the licensing portal?

First of all, please sell these things with licenses already installed.  This is getting ridiculous.  

Every time I order some of these AP's from my vendor he sends me an entitlement.  I log into the Cambium site and throw em in there.  Some of them say 1of1 available, some some 4or4.  What am I getting?  Bulk packs?  But then I try to activate 4or4 and it gives me 1 license key and then says 0of4 available.

All I know is I now have 10 radios and apparently no more license keys even tho I've been paying for them.  How do I get support from Cambium?  I tried to email them, got a message that I'm only a standard user (guess that means no help for me?).  Then I tried chat support and was told I was being transfered to chat support for licensing.  Nobody picked up even tho I was the only 1 in the que.

Do I really need to make a phone call?  I thought this was 2017.  CAMBIUM, please sell these with licenses already installed or clean up your web site.  I can't seem to make heads or tails out of what I have or don't have.

I just found out that I could have been buying these with full licenses already installed.  I wasn't aware of that before, but my supplier just said oh yeah you can buy em that way.  Would have been nice to know 30 AP's ago.  

   I got to say, being 30 APs into this before you found out that the APs normally come fully licensed is some next level amazing. I have a hard time blaming Cambium for that one.

That said, I agree the licensing portal is a convoluted mess.  It seems interfaces are just not Cambium's strong suite. Doesn't matter if it is a device interface, a forum, their website, or a license portal they are just bad at interfaces... It just adds to the frustration of using their licenses.  I've been waiting over a week now for the keys to three 10 packs of Elevate licenses I bought from Baltic.  Baltic says Cambium is the hold up every time I call or email and I just called Baltic again this morning and they again insist the problem is on Cambium's end they will AGAIN "reach out to Cambium to see what the problem is."  So my plans to have our last Ubiquiti AP changed over to ePMP before my next board meeting is pretty much not going to happen. 

I had been ordering these from Streakwave but got tired of the delays getting my elevate keys so I tried Baltic to see if I would have any better luck...  it's no better.  

I don't know how you did it. I can't imagine I would be using Cambium gear if I had to deal with their licensing crap on every single AP I deployed. 

We use a supplier that is real easy to work with.   I can send an email saying I need this and that and it ships that day.  I don't have to mess with logging into a website, pulling out my credit card, etc.  I never really even thought much of it as he always sold me lites with license keys.  I just figured it was the way of things.

Anyways, he found my keys and the site is making more sense.  I realized when you have a pack of licenses you have to enter that fullfillment ID each time you want to activate a module.  For some reason I expected a pack of 5 to show up on the site somewhere showing me 3 left or whatever, but thats not how its setup. 

Going forward we'll be ordering full capacity modules only.  

I personally don't understand the logic behind an AP with only 10 users.  It's not very ambitious to think you are not going to top that in a reasonable amount of time.  Could you imagine if wireless router manufacturers went with that model?  Yikes.