AM radio station tower....

Hi all,

One of our customers offered space on his 250’ am antenna to place a cluster of 900mhz radios. I asked one person and they said no way! too much interference.

First, I would like to know if its possible. Second, what EXTRA work needs to be done to achieve a reliable and steady link. And thirdly would you place a a cluster ontop of a AM radio station antenna?


Don’t do it…

I have yet to see any good stories about being on an AM tower on any of the forums I frequent.

How many users could you get from this tower?

How much pain can you tolerate?

If you are going to do it I would make the following suggestions:

1. Place your APs at least 30 ft below ANY AM transmitter arrays on the tower. This prevents your cables from passing the transmitter.
2. Run fiber and power from the building below right next to your APs.
3. Use a heavily shielded outdoor NEMA 4X box to store your Sync Pipe/CTM/CMM, fiber converter, and switch (Use something like a Moxa or other heavy duty outdoor switch).
4. Run professionally made shielded cables with shielded ends in shielded conduit and be prepared to wrap aluminum foil around all of it in thick layers between the box and each AP.
5. Set all APs to 10Meg Half Duplex.
6. Be prepared to spend a lot of time trying to figure out why it just doesn’t work…
7. Good luck.

- Matt

I don’t think AM stations have “antenna arrays” the entire tower is an antenna.

did i mention ground? EVERYTHING.
were on a AM tower and have had so many ethernet problems its not funny.
its a headache and a half.

Thanks you all.
I guess I’ll be looking for another site. It would have been sweet, right in the middle of town.
Yes, my pain threshold is very low. As it is now, I can barely sleep!

Thanks again.