Amendment to East Texas WISP for Sale

We will consider selling our two divisions separately. We can break up the apartment complexes and the single point customers (residential, commercial, etc.) We do use Motorola Canopy Equipment. For more information contact us. 903-704-0179

whats your customerbase on both?

Our customer base on the apartments is currently 45-50 customers over 2 apartments. We just hooked up the third apartment Friday, Dec. 1st. The total amount of units within the three complexes is 892. We are offering a wireless hotspot in all three complexes.

The single point customer base is currently around 100 customers in three different East Texas cities.

As far as the equipment goes we use 900MHz due to the foliage in this area. We have three separate towers. One with 6 Motorola 900 MHz filtered access points with integrated antennas. One with 3 900 MHz connectorized access points with 120 degree antennas. And one with a 900 MHz connectorized access point with an omni antenna (along with a filter and amplifier). All towers are feed with Motorola Backhauls.

We are willing to come down to 100K for the residential and all the equipment deployed. And 75K for the apartments. If you buy both it is only $150K. We are priced to sell quickly, so just let us know.


No debt will be incurred. All customers are free and clear.