Is anyone using these connectorized SM’s? If so, the goods? The Bads? The uglies? Thanks.


They get wet and fail. I have had to change out almost all of them.

check out: … 002na_v2(1).pdf


Can you try that link it fails onmy browser, I would like to see the antenna. Also who do you buy the MTI antennas through?


Never Mind I figured the link problem, left off the “.pdf” :roll:

But where do you buy these


We got them from Moonblink, but there is a link on MTI’s site where you can buy.

Thanks Jerry, but can you tell me how you REALLY feel about them? We accidentally ordered a connectorized starting kit and these came with them, I dont want to use them but the bosses wanted me to ask around about them. We are currently using the connectorized with either a GD9-15 Grid dish or an 18dB Yagi. Is anyone else using something different that works really well? Please advise, thanks guys!

Thanks for the infor Jerry :smiley:

Truck rolls make me cranky :!: :x :!:

8dB yagis are very short and will have the same gain as the little panel antennas you have.

I used a 12dB MTI panel on a customer site replacing the 8dB panel and the connection has been excellent since.

I have had to use 17dbi yagi’s, I haven’t had much issues with the maxrad 9dbi pannels, only when installers forget to waterproof the connectors :evil: I personally like the connectorized over the integrated as the radio is stronger; 400mw :stuck_out_tongue:

So what I am getting is a mixed review of these.

Are the regular 900 integrated panels a 11dB gain?

Yes, connectorized give more options. We typically use 13dB Yagis. The 17dB Yagis with the radio running at full power are over the limit so we try to limit the use of those to very rural areas with poor LOS.

The 8dBi Maxrad/Canopy antennas were sealed - water seemed to intrude into the antenna body. We had some pretty heavy rains last year and most of the maxrads failed.

I suppose if one were to carefully seal the openings where water could intrude they might be ok.

I am finding that the yagis are very predictable and with better off-axis rejection tend to give better performance than a panel antenna.

Never seen water leak out of a Maxrad before; I’ve seen it out of cyclones ( manufacturing defect, still had to climb up and take the thing down; pain in the a!*.

With the 17 dbi yagi I did have to turn the radio power level down. But it still worked better than the maxrad, and it makes the integrated ones look like crap when shooting through a heavy amount of foilage.

I don’t think I’ll go back to integrated 900 SM’s, they are bulky and are a pain to install on towers :x At least with a small yagi it’s just a couple of house clamps, some decent rubber tape and electrical tape and the mounting gear for the yagi ( usally just a u bolt ), of yeah and the AP ( 1/2 a pound big deal ). Let’s see integrated; mounting kit for J-stem, have to worry about windload because the SM / AP is heavier, which means I need to take more tools up with me and; oh you get the idea to much work for setup on a tower, almost just as much work as a backhaul :evil: And worst of all the radio is weaker, 250mw or 400mw; um let me think :?:

Who designed these 900 integrated panels anyways?

Could you guys do me a favor and post a part number of the 17dB yagis you use and where I can get them or see a picture of them? Our Yagis arent so small so I want to see what others are using. Thanks Guys.


The 17dBi Yagi’s that I use are approx 6 feet long.
I haven’t came across any that are shorter, unless you use a 14dBi.

ok, they are the same ones that we are using.