Android app for Sector Antenna

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I wanna ask Android app to calculate

1. AP1>SM1 degrees and distance

2. AP1>SM2 degrees and distance

So I can calculate where should my Sector Antenna with 40 degrees Beam Width heading to.


Hi nbctcp,

You can use LINKPlanner for this. Based on where connected SM's are LINKPlanner will show you the individual distance and tilt of each SM that is connected to the AP in the LINKPlanner design. You can use this info to detemrine the optimal tilt on the AP to serve the subscriber base and you can also use the "Calc Tilt" button in the Access Point Equipment section of each AP to run several iterations of throughput calculations for different tilts to see what offers the best performance. As for what bearing to place the AP at you can change the LINKPlanner's modeled beamwidth (which can also be set in the same section), make adjustments to the azimuth, and then check the map to ensure that the modeled beamwidth encompasses all connected SM's. 

You can download LINKPlanner here