Android App to configure/aim

Hello. We NEED an app for ePMP like EasyUBNT for Ubiquiti devices. We need to be able to configure, survey, and aim our ePMP equipment at the customer's home with one hand on an Android phone.

EasyUBNT works great for Ubiquiti gear. When is Cambium developing an Android app to accomplish the same thing? Our techs HATE working with ePMP over ubiquiti for this reason alone. The web interface is also horrible on our phones.

Thank you

I'll leave it for Cambium to address this as far as an official app, but this subject was discussed a few months ago on this forum, see where I posted a link to the android app I've written for installing ePMP.  (  I need to update the app, may get to that in the next week or so...  (among other things I want to add audio to the alignment page)


On later firmware the new interface is responsive and works well on my iPhone. What firmware version are you running where your not happy with the interface?

there is one for iphone: eAlign

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We're running 2.5.1 and 2.6 and on our Android phones running Chrome web browser, it takes forever to switch pages and load settings. The formatting also doesn't work and fit the screen right compared to the Ubiquiti GUI.

Hi Darin,

We're working on an Android version of the eAlign for iOS app. I'll keep the community updated with our progress.



Thanks for the update Alex. The sooner the better our techs said :)

Any update on this or a faster, more phone friendly GUI?

Our techs are still installing Ubiquiti and Cambium ePMP and they highly prefer Ubiquiti gear for easy of configuring and aiming on their cellphones.

They express very much dislike towards how slow and bad the ePMP is to use on their phones. An app or fast GUI would help tremendously and save us lots of time. 


Hi Darin,

Sorry for the delay. These are still in our development schedule and we'll update the community as we progress.