angled APs.. and odd results

We have one tower that sits 350 feet above our town, which sits in a valley Recently, we thought, perhaps we could improve signal by slightly angling down all our APs. We did so. We had an average increase is RSSI of about 100, and an INCREASE in jitters by an average of 2. Did I screw up, or will I just need to retune troubled connections. The AP move was so subtle, I had all but ruled this out as a possiblity, but know I wonder.


mmm… try realignment… we have a 150ft tower and I have my AP’s slightly angled, but they were done at deployment so I don’t know if the increase in jitter is due to that…

how ever it is more important to keep the jitter down then the RSSI up, what are your power levels like, was there a change there.

According to Motorola (verbal communication) the vertical angle of the signal is 50%, 25% above and 25% below.

We find that the closer we are to the base of the tower the highter the jitters.

WE actully tend to tilt all of our equipment slightly skyward and we have found that this helps more. Mainly just trial an error found this out for us. I suspect the reason we see this is that its cutting down on rf interference that generaly comes from the ground. So perhaps the reverse is true, pointing it downward might increase the interference the AP sees, thus causing slightly more jitter.