Another Canopy Tower Interfering, What do I do?

We put a tower up in a location about 1.5 years ago. We are using connectorized 900mhz AP’s with GPS sync on them. NE-906, SE-915, W-924.

Recently another company deployed a tower to the SE of ours about 6.7miles (6 miles East and 3 miles South). We have some customers that are having serious connectivity issues because of this new tower. These customers are 6 miles South and 3 miles East of our tower. And they are 3 miles South and 3 miles West of the competitors tower. These customers can actually see the other AP’s from the competitor therefore we are having problems.

I contacted the competitors and they were eager to give me their tower information and are willing to try and work with us. They are using 6- Integrated 900mhz Canopy Radios (N-906, ENE-915, ESE-924, S-906, WSW-915, WNW-924) also GPS synced.

The problem is, I could change frequencies but it’s only going to cause the same problems just in another location I believe.

What can we do?

the issue is probably a timing one. you will need to find out from them 3 things.
1. downlink %
2. max range (miles)
3. control slots

you then have 2 choices.
1. the easiest is for both of you to set those 3 parameters to the same settings on all your AP’s.

2. you can use the frame calculator to determine the start time and adjust your downlink % so that the start time of your cluster is the same as the competitors.

if that doesn’t work then you can try turning on transmit frame spreading. however transmit frame spreading should only be used as a last resort.

if you need help with the frame calculator you can pm me. it’s fairly simple once you get the hang of it.

Transmit frame spreading does not support the frame size used with 900MHz and should not be used… Its in the Release notes…

I would suggest a sit down with competitor to set all parameters the same on both networks and work with a frequency plan as if the were both collocated clusters so as to get every thing working well together… if you are having issues, I am sure they are as well.

So close together, you will both need to be good “friends”!!!

Good Luck!