Another from UBNT

Hello all, I'm sharing the lastest link  from UBNT which has screwed many people's links so far (apart from the usual issues).

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Dont get me wrong i'm pro Cambium but UBNT did fix it last year.

I'm sure all software has bugs which are updated. If the users do not update then the bugs remain. So... +1 for updating your network :)

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Yes you are right but in real life not every one updates every device and I have seen many head aches going on this week due to this viruses and some variants afecting ubnt badly designed products.

yeah we had fun with that....   

some of the SW versions the speed was crap, or some other problem. the only version we found that wasn't broken for every feature we used was 5.5.4......      the wan management access was disabled public facing but some of the radios still managed to get hijacked and caused lots of fun.  

556   vlan without nat in CPEs would randomly default, same in 558,       559 we had issues with APs dropping all subs until rebooted.   56x  speed problems out the yang....  5.6.5 and effit  they are all going into a firepit.....   200 more to change to the EPMP and never looking back and that umm.... polite word here..... 

and the fail rate lately...    if we've got NSM2s or NSM5s thats over 3 years old i'll be suprised.  

most of our 8 year old PMP100 series gear still works. and never been hacked. 

and the flow control problems coming from the airfibers has turned into a real treat too.  

if your not aware of it,   here it is...   if you've got say an AF5  running in 8x mode, and your payload is more than 6x can carry and it drops to 6x, it can (and often does) pause out the switch until watch dog (or netonix added a FC storm helper) to stop the issue...  the fix is to run without flow control....   yeeaaahhhhhhhh   

so during peak, we've got AF5s running 400 ish meg one direction,    reallly need them to sit in 8x until we can get something larger like 820s installed... well when it drops to 6x for that split second, there is a good chance, during peak the AF5 has a tantrum and drops out throwing a pause storm into its switch...  400 meg of netflix, browsing, gaming etc....  its been almost a month since this has been reported... and guess what, not even an email back.  it was at least acknowledge from another forum member who posted a how to break it video to UBNT forums.   frustrated isn't a good word here. 

We don't really have any issues with the AirFiber stuff, but we're completely done with Ubiquiti's 802.11 based crap. We rip it out as soon as we can. ePMP is so much better for cheap small-cell stuff. We will do only 450 at large sites, or sites expected to be large within a year or so. Can't wait to see what the 450m can do.