Another lengthy VLAN/Canopy/Cisco question!!

:oops: I want to apologize up front about how long this thread is, please forgive me! :oops:

I have some questions about the Canopy System using VLANS but first let me explain how I am setup.

I use the Canopy System as an Industrial Controls Network, it is a standalone network not connected to the internet. I use a Class B IPv4 with a /16 subnet address to control the Canopy System and 6 each Class C IPv4 with either a /24 or /25 subnet addresses for the different industrial control processes in the field. I have not used VLAN because the network was small enough way back when that I did not think to use it. But now with 6 networks, 4 centrally located servers, and still only me and one other tech to maintain it, I think using VLAN is overdue.

Here is how the Canopy is deployed currently; 6 AP5201 using firmware ver 7.3.6 clustered into one 360 degree cell to a CMM, 89 SM5201 using firmware ver 7.3.6 at various locations attached to cheap $20 8 port auto switches to support the different processes at each location, and a pair of BH5801 Backhauls (Master and Slave) using firmware ver 7.1.4 setup as the link back here to the main office connecting us to the Canopy System. The Slave BH is connected to a NON-VLAN’d Cisco 2950 24 port switch. This switch is also connecting the 3 servers and a dedicated NTP Server in a 48U Rack to this Backhaul. The Prizm server is running ver 3.0. Also, the Canopy System is sync’d to a GPS antenna in the CMM.

I purchased some Cisco 3560 24 port Gigabit switches and a Cisco 1841 router with only the 2 Fast Ethernet ports for Inter-VLAN Routing. I have setup a lab to test bench before I deploy the new Cisco equipment but now I have VLANs established. Canopy System is on VLAN1 and the 6 other networks as VLANs 2-7. I have one of the 3560 switches setup up like I have the older 2950 in the rack setup except with port 1 configured as a dot1Q trunk to the Backhaul slave and port 18 as the trunked Inter-VLAN route to the 1841 router; ports 19-24 and setup as VTP/Ether channel ports to the other Cisco switches. To simulate the Backhaul connection I am using one of those cheat $20 auto switches to do so.

I am having no problems connecting to any VLAN host device or any port on any switch with a laptop configured on VLAN1 (IP address, subnet mask and a default gateway). SO I know my VTP, Inter-VLAN routing, and Ether channels are working.

My problems start once I try to leave the “main office to devices in the fieldâ€