(Another) Newbie question

First time using cambium 450i PMP. Can’t register SM-AP…

Set IP on both, set Reion on both

Set singles frequency and bandwidth on both

What am I missing?

Have you gone through the Quick Start wizard on the AP? Have you browsed through the Quick Start Guide in the Cambium Downloads support area?

Are you located in the USA and using 3GHz/CBRS equipment?

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Yes, yes and I’m in Australia so using 5Ghz

Couple of things you may want to check -

1 Check the colour code on the AP and the SM are the same
2. Check the distance setting in the AP radio section is set far enough so the SM can register - if the SM is outside the distance it wont register

On the SM - go to the Tools, the AP Evaluation to see if it can see the AP and then hopefully register to it.

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