another solution for a housing developement

I have about 100+ houses i would like to get online in a developement…about 6/10ths of a mile wide. Using canopy would perform great but the cost is very high and labor intensive. whats the largest wifi “hot spot” you guys have made or seen? i have looked at some of the hotzone docs and like that but i must test. are there any other solutions for covering this many houses in a small area?

We are currently using 5 Outdoor 5210 Canopy Tropos units in a Condo Complex along with 2 3210 indoor units in 2 apartment buildings that are on the same property.

The 5210 Tropos units are approximately 200-300 feet from each other with most of them LOS to each other. We have 2 that are behind small trees but still work great. This is a 650+ unit complex.

Here is what we are having issues with - the apartment buildings are 4 stories and have 3 firewalls within each floor. Two Tropos units are located on the roofs of these buildings and it is challenging to get a good signal in the basement and the 1st floor. Thus the reason for the indoor 3210 units. All is well now.

We currently are garunteed monthly revenue through the complex till the customer base is broadened. This is the best way to go. They paid a $2500 installation fee and each unit takes approximately 30 mins to install on a light pole with the Solar connectors for power. Easy stuff.