Antenna Downtilt

Just wondering if someone could check my math. PMP 450 in 2.4 using Cambium C024045D601A sectors, 180' AGL, we need 15 miles range. Would the downtilt be 3.13 degrees as this spreadsheet indicates? 


For the outer cell radius, 15712.62 meters is about 9.8 mi, yet you said that you need 15 mile range.

Something doesn't appear quite right.



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Thank you. I edited original post with updated calculations.

Hi Todd Wilson: The spreadsheet result of 3.13 degrees is correct. Performed some manual check calculations using trigonometry. I can send you a scan of my handwritten calculations if you like.


When you say that you "need 15 miles range", does that mean you want an "outer cell radius" of 15 mi, or do you want the center of the beam to fall at 15 miles?

Right now, the tool is showing an "outer cell radius" of 15 mi.

Is that what you intended?


Todd Wilson,

Attached is a diagram graphically showing the spreadsheet antenna downtilt angle calculations and result.

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